The Fifth Harry Potter Book I’ve Finished

Ha!! In just three months, I finished the five Harry Potter Books!!! No big deal… well, you might get shockeed that i just started to read those books by october of this year… to be honest, i just don’t have enough money for that and i was eyeing other books…

Anyway, i wrote about me reading that book becasue of a few comments. It is nice though that as J.K.Rowling writes her books, her plots wasfurther developed( I can say, it as better) bbut the flow of the story became-a bit- boring (imagining the thrills The Da Vinci CodeAngels and Demons make). It is also very noticeable that in this book, the emotions rises and is much stronger.
there are also some times that i could see that the book was written in rush… (i didn’t get to read the reaction of Mrs. Weasley upn learning about Fred and George’sescape from Umbridge).

Funny though, the flow of the story here is much more boring than the fourth book(Goblet of Fire) but the ending was(,well,) better.

Note:this is sequence of the harry potter books ive read
1)… Chamber of Secrets
2)… Sorcerer’s Stone
3)… Prisoner of Azkaban
4)… Goblet of Fire
5)… Order of the Phoenix
(my favorites are books 3 and 4)
Looking forward to finish the series. 


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