Make A Wish!

mine is o have my computer back o normal again.. which is next to impossible. or will not happen in an instant… hah! too bad for me. anyway, i just finished reading Eoin Colfer’s The Wish List. Yes, I discovered that he has books aside from Artemis Fowl. Just kidding . I just thought that i want to see more of his books and not just focus on young master Fowl (and FOALY!!).

Anyway,it was a fun read (Heaven = Pearlies = Blue trail, Hell = Pit = Red Trail). Hmmm.. i can’t write a decent review yet. I had just finished it and had not completely digested the book. But i am happy for stumbling accross this book. Certainly, Colfer has more stories to tell apart that wicked young mastermind and his fairy friends!

I was in the mental facility until @ 5:24 PM


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