Wide Awake

yesterday was one bleak moment that i will always remeber for the rest of my life.

i was panicky because of the supposed to be final defense for a CMSC subject that i am retaking. not hearing some news about the project my groupmate was supposed o be making, i rushed and wasted hours in front of my dormmate’s laptop to make the project since my own pc was being fixed [sob! i miss my hubby].

i went to school at 10, the supposed schedule but due to unforesaeen events, the professor came 4:30 in the afternoon. that was not bad because thweere are so many errors in the project the groupmate showed us. so i manage to clear out become errors. the log in log out works but the more important functions were missing.

anyway we ended up with INC for a grade and a possibility of failing for the second time if we flunked the written exams. we decided that we will perfect our project. for sobbing out loud, this is a retake, and one of the easiest CMSC subjects [supposed to be]. the thing is, we had taken this for granted.

so, we have to present this to her again. i wish the defense will end up with flying colors [yeah, right].

then, i came back to the church compound for a choir practice. at least he songs were uplifting. but i still am not at ease being with the peoople i don’t talk to.

i will take back what i have said about leaving the choir. no, not because of my sister’s words when we talked about it, and not also because of a strict momy’s sermon, bu because of seeing the few people who inspired me to serve : our conductor is one, an older male member is another [clue: bass] and another older female memeber is another [clue: alto].

anyway, the canaa piece is so upbeat and fun. while listening in the practice; i am too pooped to sing; i can imagine a very grand presentation of dancing people and beautiful songs. but i snapped back to reality, the choir [especially the male] can’t dance the way the men danced in my thoughts. i wish i could direct this piece to a younger group of singers. [ah, dreams of theater once again crept in].

i went back to the dorm. some person just pooped out of the blue to scold me about the curfew hours.[read note below] the dormitory devotion will be today so they practiced 12MN. why they? i fell asleep. i was so tired. from 10 of sunday to 12 MN today. 38 hours of no sleep.

just today someone old me: “one day has 24 hours, don’t forget that. there should be time to sleep/rest” [translaed and reworded”]

*what was i thinking when i am writing the title
*the annoying part about that dorm problem shall be posted in a later hour or date. i still don’t feel like blogging it right now.


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