Moving On

a sad chapter has passed… i don’t think i could still look back like the way i did before. but i know, i should because those instances taught me many lessons…
i am moving on..
being hooked with a CG movie could be very, hmmmm, advantageous… especially in a Photoshop addict like me…. I have created images that prove that improved my painting.. haaay.. let me show you them…
This is Aeris Gainsborough. The first oft the FFVII character that i drew. I was having trouble with her outfit because it is so… *bleep
This is the pretty Miss Tifa Lockheart. Her boobs can be quite disturbing[sorry for that remark but it is true]
This is my crush, Mr Vincent Valentine.*swoons
Cutie Cutie Yuffie!!!!
That’s pretty much it.. I still can’t spill what i feel. so that’s just it

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