Napulot lang…

Thanks sa El Presidente
1. whose picture is it that you keep in your wallet?
– wala kong wallet.. harhar

2. what time do you go to bed?
– hmmm… 3,4 or 5AM

3. what was the last thing you did before filling this survey?
– uminom ng paracetamol.. nilalagnat ako

4. who’s the one you always meet the most?
– ESBI creatures

5. who’s the person you’re gonna call if you need help?
– ewan

6. What’s on your mind just now?
– baka butas na ang tiyan ko dahil sa sobrang hapdi nito (ulcer na ito!!)

7. kissed a complete stranger?
– NO

8. with whom do you wanna be to have fun?
– my computer…

9. what’s the latest movie you saw?
– Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

10. when was the last time you went out?
– kahapon.. Met Museum

11. what do you hate the most for now?
– [bleep] marami, sobrang dami ang hirap i-enumerate at marming di alam ito

12. when was the FIRST time you slept alone?
– highschool.

13. what things do you want to do now?
– finish my novel, study for the exam, finish my critical summary on Morga, finish a photoshop work and yeah, get well.

14. what do you do everyday besides eat and sleep?
– walk, think… talk to my frineds not visible to the naked eye.

15. talked on the phone just to say good night?
– no. walang ako ako intensyong gawin yon.

16. color/s that make you happy?
– black, blue and bloody red

17 most fave thing in your room?
– computer

18 what was the last thing you bought for your room?
– electric fan and curtains

19. instruments that make you crazy?
– ewan.

20. any instrument in your room
– my mouth?!

21. instruments that you play?
– wala akong talent sa music

22. miss someone?
– wala. well, si mama,at si kuya nakikita ko naman madalas si ate

23. are you a coffee addict?
– caffeine addict meaning addict sa tea, coffee at chocolate

24. are you satisfied with your life now?
– no

25. would you share a glass of water with a friend?
– ewan.

26.when was the last time you ate seafoods?
– hmmmm….

27. ever had a food fight?
– di pa. sayang maraming tao sa muno ang di kumakain

28. what do you usually eat for breakfast?
– wala. C-lium?

29. Lost a friendship over something stupid?
– hindi.. medyo may sense naman ako… baka sya hindi

30. Been really depressed before?
– haller?! i am 85% deppressed.

31. what’s your favorite fast food chain?
– anything with great tasting CHICKEN!.. haaay

32. cried in front of your classmates?
– ya… sobrang galit

33. Can you remember what you did on the first day of your school in college?
– yah. umupo.. naghinay kung may kakausap sa akin.. kung meron fine.. kung wala okay din. at oo nga pala, nakinig sa mga dapa pinakikinggan

34. who’s on your mind?
– hindi who.. what, yung yan ko at yung migraine ko

35. do you ever cheat during exams?
– yah, departmentals.. highschool.. i’m bad..

36. is kissing normal for our age?
– hmm….?

37. are you childish?
– medyo..

38. first boyband that made you go gaga?
– i detest boybands

39. how’s your heart lately?
– hurt, dahil sa….

40. worst gift you had ever received?
– wala.. kung anong binigay okay lang.

41. Reminds you of your first love?
– wala po ako nun

42. ever had a crush on a teacher?
– nope.. puro creep ang mga naging teacher ko na lalaki. sa babae.. sino nga ba yun..

43. things you need everyday?
– computer, Bible (can’t live without it)

44. favorite person na kulitin?
– wala.. bugbugin, si kuya

45. two persons that come to your mind now?
– wala.

46. 3 college friends you want to see right now?
– wala rin…

47. highschool friends you’d like to see?
– wala rin…

please read LONER AKO.

48. have you ever fallen asleep in class?
– yah… hahaha

49. have you ever fallen asleep after a drinking spree?
– hindi ako umiinom, na as in INOM!

yun lang


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