So Hard…

So Hard…

It is hard to start talking about the current family situation. I often feel tired and stressed just thinking about it. Life lessons that we already heard and perhaps have not yet grasped keep on repeating itself through our experiences.. (Am I making sense.. or is that sentence rubbish?)

Anyway, the dreaded hyperacidity is back.

I am seriously thinking of resigning as the College Council’s PRO. I think it is pointless to serve people who does not deserve to be respected or helped. But who am I to judge them? I should not let the opportunity to help pass. But after all their comments and rants, I really feel traumatized.

I also want to keep distance from a teacher who has also been a friend. There are a lot of times when her decisions are unfair, biased and just simply unbelievable.

As for home, I think life is crazier now with all the problems and stuff that I can’t say here.


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