Many friends are surpised to see the pictures in m Friendster Account.

I am trying to rip off all the really gloomy and punk costume and be someone who I really am. Of course, I still like some gothic and some punk music, but that is just a part of eclectic taste. Honestly, leaving the univ to be with my family has really been helpful. I am starting to answer man of my life’s uncertainties. I am starting to know myself more. I am no longer as confused as before.

I discovered that I must focus on my talent in visual art, first. I was juggling over visual art, literture and theater. After a year, I have improved my visual art skills and talent, I haven’t touched my novels, and dreams of being in the theater has slowly decreased.

I also returned to my original self – the childish, anime and j-culture fan… I am no rakista. I just appreciate songs and artists. I am not the goody goody girl. No one has ever thought of me as such. My temper is… ^_^ hehe scary? I am notomboy. I could be friendly with the XY’s but my way of life is really different from them.

This is me – a closet kikay, a j-culture fanatic, a book and music lover, a geek… an artist. I will not be someone just because the world wants me to be like that. I am me. No one can change that.


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