decisions.. decisions

another way out finding more about oneself is by analyzing the decisions that person makes.

the past weekend has been crazier (i guess) than the usual becuse i decided to let it be the i wanted it to be. i got sick and tired of boredom and monotony haunting my life. with that in mind, i jumped to decisions that can be risky just because i want to see how it would end up.

so, how crazy did my weeked get?

friday, i skipped afternoon classes to go to a comic creation seminar. i headed to Megamall, alone on a school day without anybody from my family knowing it. well, since i posted this in my blog, my sister will know it… (please do keep this a secret)

armed with an alibi- we were finishing decorations for the school’s acquaintance party – i went home a bit late. luckily, they did not ask where i’ve been or why was i late? that prevented me from lying… ha!

the next day, i went there again. when i arrived the poetry performance has already stated and after that Sing India, Drum Connection, Juana, Julliane, the Dorques and Ducklings performed. (i don’t think this is in right order) There was also a Body Art Fashion Show and the Cosplay/Anime Fashion show…. and yeah drinks were free… (water and gin mixed with soda or juice) I was a bit bored at first. but after a while i felt happy even if i am alone. i didn’t get to see the other performers since i have to leave. dasma, cavite is far. I have to catch a bus…

as for the sunday….

When I say crazy, I don’t exactly mean out of this world – just unusual. The event simply does not go along with the usual weekend… ayt? So let me continue….

I really wanted to go back to The Arts and Music Festival that Sunday but I have to go to church and later help a friend with her graduation pictures. We left home early to attend the 10 AM service where our choir was requested to sing. As usual, we faced a problem about food. Ah, I don’t have to elaborate on that.

Anyway, before we left to the studio, I busied myself with a two berry cheesecake from a nearby convenience store. We(some choir members and I) did not eat the cake immediately. We took pictures of it… haha! we were practicing taking pictures using a DSLR in manual setting. Sigh, I wish I have one…

After that, Tasky and I went to the studio to have her pictures taken. We anticipated a two hour shoot. But the two hours slowly turned 3, then 4.. then, another hour and a half was added. I freaked out. If you live in a distant suburban area and you are stuck at the other end of the city at eleven in the evening, you will know how I felt. Add my mother’s angry SMS… and yeah, my sister is waiting at church and she has work the next day and her uniforms are all in the hamper. Wheee!

In the end, we decided to stay in the condominium unit of my sister’s best friend in Makati . Early morning of Monday, we left the unit and went home.

And that concludes my weird weekend. J That experience was loads of fun…what would happen in the next weekends? Sure hope it could be as fun as this!


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