Sheesh. Here goes…

– I have been in several events. I attended the ToyCon, HeroCon, Arts and Music Festival and the Glasshouse Graphics’ Comic Creation Seminar.

– Fantakada is released. I got my last 3 Beerkada comics signed by Mr. Lyndon Gregorio during ToyCon. All of my Beerkada books are signed. 🙂

– We (3 Engineering Students and I) won First place in the school’s Quiz Bee.

– After 4 years, I joined the choir’s outing in Laguna.

– I got to buy books in Doulos – the biggest floating bookstore in the world. It is the last visit of Doulos in Manila. I bought a book on arts for only 500PhP yey!!

– We experienced an icy Christmas through Star City’s Snow World.

– I got my first 1.0. whee!!

– Issues in the 2 choirs I’m in has become a huge headache…

– There is tension between a teacher and my classmates…

– I was knocked off the Dean’s List due to a low grade given by a/an ******* teacher.

– I developed a problem with my muscles/tendons in my feet.

07 has been a great year. I dared to do things that I usually not do and has become aware of what really want and who I really am. Have a Blessed New Year to all!!!


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