It started with Juddha…

You’ve read it right. Juddha, as in, Juddha Paolo. And no, I am not some crazed fan who went ga-ga with the sight of a celebrity. Well, this is how it really started.

I told my friends (two actually, one that I met in the University/Dorm and the other when I transferred to another school, and they don’t know each other) about the Art and Music Festival in the Megatrade Hall 3 in Megamall. I went there last year, alone, and thought since my friends from the University and I, Laine, are planning to meet for coffee in different malls, we should meet there. I also invited my other friend, El, to the said event because when I went there for the first time, I ditched the school’s Socialization Night (where our Department in in charge of the decorations). Besides, we all are art(in any form) lovers and are hmmmmm…. artists.

I told Laine to meet me in Gloria Jean’s. We talked about the current events in our lives, then, I received an SMS from El telling me that he had arrived. He headed first to the Festival before meeting with us in the coffee shop, as I instructed him.

So there, El, this is Laine.. Laine, this is El. Now, stop pretending that you are such shy people becasue I know you’re not. 😛

After an hour of talking(and making sure that none of them felt out of place) we decided to head for the Arts and Music Festival. We walked around, looked at the stalls and the art exhibit. Then, we heard the Poetry/Spoken Word performance start. To be honest, some performers were just so-so, some were really great. Then, there was this guy. I didn’t actually recognize him. I thought he was just a poet/performer, until I heard that he was, in fact, Juddha Paolo, TV host and Actor (made known by Coke’s Hotta Hotta commercial).

He was really good -not just performance-wise, but also the piece he recited.

Laine and I decided to do the unthinkable. We dared to apporach him for a photo to document the event. I could remember these words said (these are reworded)

“Can I take your pic?”
“Kayo lang po.”
“Sama na kayo, di naman ako Sto. Nino.”
“Sige na, sama ka na, Laine.”
“Bakit ka nanginginig?”
“Okay lang yan…”

After that we were both shaky. We each took a cup (and another for Hackette) from the Cossack Vodka booth.

Oh MY…..

[end of part one]


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