In Just One Word…

Perhaps, the issue is a bit petty. But the statement beneath the action speaks of something far more than just who owns what. It’s about respect. I am, in fact, 6 years her senior.

I haven’t spoken to her sine the last week of June. My only way of conveying how I felt was through Friendster. I dare not confront her personally because I know how my tongue could get uncontrolable in this kind of situation. I choose not to speak. After several messages in Friendster, I waited.

That was about two months ago. My brother would ask me, when will I forgive her. I replied, “I am teaching her a lesson. I do not feel any anger for her anymore. I have told her how I felt and the reason why I felt that way. I am just waiting for the words she should have said the moment I expressed how I resented her actions.”

That day came.

I was walking one Thursday noon, headed for work. I saw her at the end of the covered walk. I took my mobile phone and tried to ignore her. Inside my mind, I wanted to say, are you not going to ask for forgiveness?

At the center of the walkway she stopped. I moved to the other side, she was blocking my way. But she stood at my way. I looked up. I saw her eyes welled with tears.


And she leaned over and put her arms around me.

The words were hardly heard by the ear. But the heart hears. My heart heard it. She was sorry. In the past two month, she locked herself in her house, never told anyone about what had happened. Her mother knew, but did not say anything. She was a bit miserable. I know. She wouldn’t break down like that if she wasn’t.

Was I harsh? I don’t think so. I would be worse if I just let that chance to teach her slip away.


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