It started with Juddha… [continuation]

Now, where was I…

We went out of the convention hall. Because of the vodka, my stomach hurt a bit. I forgot that I haven’t eaten my lunch yet. Alcohol in an empty stomach is not a good thing.

We headed to the food court. After eating, El saw a group of familiar faces. We knew they are people from DA. But we are a group of shy people. 😀 And we did not approach them. 😀

We went back to the Megatrade Hall3 and grabbed another cup of vodka. This time, it has crushed chocolate cookies. (the first one was with mango juice-i think) The taste didn’t blend well, but I still finished the drink and Laine gave me have of hers. She wouldn’t want to finish a drink that tastes that bad. 😀

As we walked around (I was looking for a trash can), a man stopped us and ask if we could be interviewed for a segment for a show in a local TV station. And guess who is the interviewer…

“Sino sya?”

“‘Di mo kilala sya? Sya yung anak ni Gary V.”

Yep, the interviewer is Paolo Valenciano. He was still interviewing other people. The man who asked us for the interview told us that we are next and also informed us of the question….

“Anong ginagawa mo if you are having a really bad day?”

Oh, SH**

This is like pulic speaking. I don’t want to blurt out some rubbish or any word vomit… I was playing in my mind how I would answer to the question. We were introduced to Paolo (can I call him ‘Paolo’.. LOL). And then….

The camera started rolling.

He asks us our names.

“Eli…” “Zai…” “Elaine….”

Then, the question…

“What do you do when you are having a bad day… (and blah blah blah, I can’t remember the other lines, my mind is panicking)?”

The next thing I knew, the microphone is directed to my face….

“I…. “

And it happened. So happy that I kept my cool and said the things that I really planned to say. Hmm.. the first thing on my mind after the whole ordeal…

“Thank you Cossack… wahahahahhah!”

Then, we watched the Cosplay fashion show, signed the daMeat attendance and watched/listened to the bands. We also saw Pepe Smith. (we will be the last performer for the night.) wheeeee!

While we were watching a band, my mom texted me that she’s home and she have nothing to eat at home. I felt guilty. So I told my friends that I want to go home… I was a bit sad because I was waiting for the performance of a Goth band. I missed their performance last year and I want to hear them play.

It was 7pm and we are hungry, we stopped by the food court and bought sushi and fries. My sister sent an SMS about her bringing food to the house so I was a bit relieved. So we went home by 8pm.. I didn’t get to hear the band play but I felt a bit okay.

I feared that one of them might feel left out. But we all had fun. It was a night of firsts especially for Laine. And it certainly is a night we will not forget.


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