Thoughts for the Day

It started with a blank SMS,
Then, words have been said.
Now, I’m still trying to find out what you meant
About the songs that I left…

Could pick myself out of the hole
I dug to hide all those memories?
Resurface from the ditch
I’ve unknowingly thrown myself into

Who am I kidding?
I cannot just point a finger
Accuse someone for my mishap
I did this to myself.

How can I say that I’m happy?
Every time I thought I’ve known myself,
I end up second guessing
If it’s the real me.

I am not an ungrateful person
I am not in denial of my current situation.
I am not lost
I am just too scared.

Would this obsession stop?
I wish it would.
But at the same time,
I’ll dread the time it would.

oooh… random thoughts. better work on things that really matter instead of drooling and staring at the screen.


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