“So I’ve made up my mind
I will pretend
To leave this world behind
And in the end
You’ll know I’ve lied
To get your attention
I’m faking my own suicide

I’m faking my own suicide
Because I know you love me
You just haven’t realized
I’m faking my own suicide
They’ll hold a double funeral
Because a part of you will die
Along with me” – Faking My Own Suicide, Relient K

Ooooooh-kay, the does NOT have anything to do with what I am experiencing now. The lyrics just popped to my head as I typed the title of this entry, and I miss listening to this band.
Busy Busy Busy

I have never been this busy in my life. @_@

A few months back, I was planning to find a part-time/online job while studying but now, I don’t think I can handle adding more activities in my schedule. But then, I still find times to bore myself. Gah! Then, I end up cramming. *facepalm*

I joined two school organizations that require a lot of effort. (I am still looking for the proper adjective)

Midterm exams were scheduled last week but I have only taken 1 exam. >_<

I have to start working on a research project that involves statistical blah blah.. (notice the choice of words.. ugh)

I also have to write a good script for the two plays for our Literature class. I hope to be the puppet master.. errrr.. Director. (LOL)

I have to draw t-shirt designs and paint..uhm.. stuff.. for November.

I also need to edit the “webpage”.

I might end up missing activities with some friends. (NOOOOOOO, I really want to watch…)

It is amusing, though, that because of the pile of things to do, my journal/planner that usually ends up ignored by the middle of July has been very useful. This is the first time that a journal I bought for the year has this much doodles and scribbles. 😀

Now, I must get back to writing the last two reaction papers… OTL


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