Love, Betrayal

I think I’m in love with you.”

If I had been my usual catty self, I already quipped a scathing retort or perhaps bombarded the friend who sent me the message with array of curses and profanity. And if the statement was said in person, I might have reacted with a glacial stare. However, considering that today is a day that [supposed to] justify juvenile pranks, I changed the usual response to “April Fools, haha.”

But then again, why should I react that way when those line were actually said in jest? If it was another type of prank, then I may really unleash the fury. haha!

Many frown at my lack of trust to anyone, even friends. I guess with circumstances like these, who can afford to let my guard down and be duped. I have wasted enough tears on disappointing friends.

Wait. I am taking this too seriously. I am supposed to be writing about two friends who attempted to pull a prank on me.

So, another friend attempted to trick me with a “Bakit ka ganoon? Ano yung sinabi mo kina ” to which I responded with “April Fools.”



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