Get It Right

How would you feel if you are not even good in the only thing you are good at?

A friend scolded me through text. I should not compare my life with others, even if they were my classmates. We did not share the same experiences. We did not share the same hardships. Their success does not mean my failure.

I would love to agree. However, my head screams back, I could have done something to prevent my downward spiral. My mind would send me several years back to the time when I wrote my choice degree course in the State University, when I decided to stay in my degree program after experiencing my first failing grade, and every decision I made that leads me here.

Everything is my fault. And unless I do something about it, things won’t get better. Every step I take is an attempt to get back on track, to retrace the steps from where I strayed.

But there are comments that brings me down. I guess, I might have taken the remark differently. “You are a better artist than a writer.” – I am not even a good artist. Therefore, my writing skill is really bad?

I need to get things right. I really need to get things right.

I won’t let those words get me down.

This mind is really messed up.


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