“Kaya kong magligtas mula sa kumunoy… kung magpapaligtas sya” (I can save her from the quick, only if she would let me.)

A college professor, during a class, asked me, in jest, why did I let a her sink into the quicksand. I simply replied, “I cannot do anything about it. I don’t control their lives.”

Weeks after that incident, I decided to let go. Whether it is only temporary or otherwise, only time could tell. Actually, only she can make me change my mind.

I don’t hate her for falling for a guy. I don’t hate her at all. I just grew tired of extending a hand of support and care to a person who does not seem to listen.

I do understand that the person to whom you offered your advice has the option to choose whether to accept the it or not. However, considering the number of people who makes the same comments regarding the situation should convince the person involved to think more critically with what they have said.

She, herself, has given me reasons to detest the relationship.

Should I let her sink in the quicksand? Only she can answer that.

For now, I’m sick of giving too much crap about it.


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