Sayonara! (should have posted this a earlier)

…not to this blog but for the academic year 2011-2012.

As I submitted  my film script to the course instructor, I heaved a sigh of relief. Glad the hell month was over, I said to myself.

I was excited when the second semester started. I got a list of subjects I really am interested in: Basic Photography, Feature and Magazine Writing, Film Script Writing and Advertising Copy and Lay-out. As much as I love the subjects, the semester did not end without tears. Finishing the projects/exams in  last few weeks of the school year has been a arduous task- a challenge that can squeeze out all you can give for the sake of a more than satisfactory grade.

There had times that I felt like dying inside whenever I feel that what I am doing does not live up to what I know I can do. There had been times when I became frustrated when things do not go as planned. There are times when I wanted to give up because I think I am not accomplishing anything worthwhile.

But in those times, I did not lose faith. I may be weak but there is a force more powerful than I am that is working for me. The Spirit is not the one to complete my tasks. The Spirit enabled me to keep on going. The brain and the body can only handle so much pressure, however with spiritual guidance, they can withstand the load.

I am grateful for the pile of work our instructors set  before us. The field I am trying to pursue is laden with hurdles that could even be worse than what we are experiencing as students. Besides, certain pressures can help bring out the best of students, just like how some precious gems are formed.


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