31 Days of Watercolors

For the month of July, I attempted the World Watercolor Month challenge. Last year, I tried it but failed after a week. 31 watercolor paintings later, I finished the challenge and here are a few of the paintings that I liked.

Watercolor Month (3)Watercolor Month (4)Unlike my Inktober 2017 attempt, I had no plans on what to paint each day. At first, I wanted to follow the official prompts but I couldn’t find the inspiration to work on the artwork based on the text for the day. I also considered practicing painting flowers – something that I really fail at. I also tried painting children’s book illustrations.

Eventually, I decided to paint anything that I feel like painting. I ended up painting mostly portraits (not really a surprise).


Watercolor Month (2)Watercolor Month (5)


When I saw the #DrawInYourOwnStyle hashtags in Instagram, I decided to take on the challenge and incorporate it with my watercolor month attempt. The week after, I stumbled across Youtube videos related to RuPaul’s Drag Race and I found inspiration from the queens. Watching a new anime series led me to paint the two main characters.

In the last few days, I tried to go back to painting loose florals. While the results aren’t as stellar as I hoped them to be, I am glad to be able to paint something that I can say… looked decent.

Watercolor Month (1)

The 31 paintings may not have a cohesive theme, but I am glad I managed to push through with it. The whole experience reminded me of how we can find inspiration from a variety of things.







  1. Beautiful paintings! Kudos to you for sticking to the challenge for 31 days; I can’t even keep to my diet for a week :’D Hope you can frame these up nicely!


    1. Oh, thanks! It was my first time to actually complete the challenge after several attempts. I painted these in a sketchbook since I consider them to be daily practices. I find it more convenient for storage. :’D

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