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A Passion for Food and Art

16-22 July 2017

coffee and doughnuts
Coffee and doughnuts: Sugary breakfast on the go

One look at my instagram feed and it’s obvious that I like art and food.

Most of the time, I sketch portraits – celebrity or imaginary. But in between the faces, I include photos of food that I prepare. Usually, the recipes are experimental.

Last week, I didn’t feel like drawing the usual portraits. I looked at my phone album to somehow find inspiration.

After a few scrolls, I considered drawing some of the food I have eaten.

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Weekly Digest

Getting Back in the Groove

( 25 Jun-1 July 2017)

The young witch Kiki from The Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli film Kiki’s Delivery Service

After a little over a year, I decided to resign from the 8-6 office job and move back to a freelance, home-based position. It’s crazy. With the current unemployment rate in the country, I was lucky to have a permanent job in a big company. But I ask myself, was it really worth it?

I would probably expound on that dilemma in a different post. For now, I rather focus on my return to creating more artwork.

So, what have I been doing lately?

As always, in between freelance projects, I juggle between watercolors and digital painting.

I am trying to create faster digital artworks. For now, I try as much as possible to paint in less than an hour. Somehow, I think that I am getting back to the groove.

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Weekly Digest

Familiar Faces

(19-25 March 2017)

Margot Tenenbaum
Margot Tenenbaum

In a relatively slower week, I once again struggled with the battle between the need to continue practicing my craft and this massive hole in my mind that has been sucking away thoughts and ideas and the drive to enable me to draw or write something.

I stopped bringing to work my watercolor journal. Eventually, I decided to leave at home my pencil case filled with drawing pens and waterbrushes because they are just added weight in my bag. I don’t even use them –  not as much as I would the weeks before. Continue reading “Familiar Faces”

Weekly Digest

…And I Put on My Headphones.

15-21 January 2017

scan_0011The recent week has proven to be more difficult artistically than usual. I started it with the unispired feeling. It translated to my artistic attempts.

I tried to draw something for a film review that I planned to write. But alas, it seems that I couldn’t make it work. Too much noise is drowning out my thoughts. Somehow these noise seem to be draining me.

So I took out my almost worn out head phones from my workstation drawers, and transported myself someplace else.
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Weekly Digest

On Patience

8-14 January 2017


I sometimes would think about how life is one long wait which only leads in the one destination or end – death. Pretty grim, right? But there is truth in that. All of us, in varied possible ways, will cease to exist.

Feeling rather uninspired the past week, I reflected again on where I am in my life. I am in a stable job, able to pay our bills and put food on the table. Everything is fine.That is until I recall what I said before – my wish to be able to leave a mark. I am not sure how I am doing in that part.

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Weekly Digest

Strong Daughters

1-7 January 2017


The image of the strong-willed young lady who decided to sail away from her home in attempt to save her community was still fresh in my mind when I started to work on a new practice artwork.

I was determined to keep my pace and improve. Better yet, I also hope to reach out to a wider audience.

After completing artwork, I immediately thought of what, or who to draw next.

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Weekly Digest

The Last Few Days of the Holidays

25-31 December 2016

The holidays quickly just passed us by like the wind. After what feels like a quick visit to the province, the sun rose and set on its usual pace and the next thing we knew, 2016 is over. Prior that, I planned several tasks. But it feels like I am lagging behind. Funny, these weeks should be time for me to relax. But I worry about not accomplishing anything on this free time.

Still empty areas in Makansutra Hawkers, Megamall, PH

My sister and I sorted activities for the brief 2-week holiday. From the visit to the province to grocery shopping, we already laid out what we planned to do to maximize the break – both work and leisure activities. My sister managed to follow her schedule.  I, on the other hand, seem to have trouble keeping up with mine.

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Weekly Digest

Sneaking Sketches

18-24 December 2016

ccfI’ll keep this rather short. It has been four days since I got back from a trip to the southern part of the country.  And with that, I attempted to do some urban sketching. I planned to sketch a lot during the trip, that’s why I brought my art kit with me, however, the nature of our activities was not conducive enough to do some sketching.


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Weekly Digest

Trying My Hand at Drawings Chibis

11-17 December 2016

As I continue to create artworks that could capture Christmas, I thought drawing scenes involving happy little children, girls specifically, enjoying the holidays. The first thing I drew is this little girl who is happily holding a parol or a Christmas lantern.

Next, I tried painting  a girl singing carols. I wasn’t too pleased with that. I dislike it so much that I won’t post it here.

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