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Art Basics with Mr. Fernando Sena


A  few weeks ago, I came across this poster while I was browsing in Facebook.

“A free art workshop!” I gasped.  It has a limited number of slots. And since that it is by a known art organization, these may be filled up quickly. So, I immediately entered my information and hit submit.

I have been looking for workshops to further enhance my skills and to learn even the basics – things that you can get from formal training.

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Events and Experiences

World Street Food Congress 2017: A Foodie’s Wonderland

(super late post)

With more than 40 dishes from various parts of the globe, the World Street Food Congress is a must-go event for foodies. This year’s WSFC moved to the bigger venue, from the Bonifacio Global City  to the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds and with that they have invited more stalls and a wider place to hang out in.

It is a given that my sister and I loves food. So, off we go that Thursday, June 1.

The warm sunny afternoon did not stop my sister and I from enjoying an international street food feast. On our table, we had Taiwanese oyster omelette, Malaysian Putu Mayam, Singaporean Lamb Mee Goreng and Indonesian Murtabak.

(clockwise from top) Mee Goreng from Alhambra Padang Satay,  Martabak in various flavors from Martabak Manis “San Francisco” by Mr. Buyung, Taiwanese Oyster Omelette from Chiayi Chenjia and Putu Mayam from Ever Green Putu Mayam

Aside from the four dishes we ate, we took home a couple more from the jamboree. 😀

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The Waters of Surigao

It’s already mid-summer and the heat is already at its peak here in the Philippines. The country, with its more than 7,000 islands, boasts of wonderful beaches. However, this archipelago offers more than spectacular seasides. On our trip to Surigao del Sur, we visited two beautiful spots that can be great to cool off and relax.


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iflix Binge: Step into a Darker Fairytale with The Magicians

After watching the first episode, I whispered to myself, is this a Narnia-meets-Harry Potter story with an older cast? I haven’t read Lev Grossman’s books from which the show is based on, so I will be commenting on the show as it is. And with similarities from stories that I have read, I didn’t put much hopes on it.

The cast is lead by Jason Ralph who stars as Quentin Coldwater, a college student who was enrolled in Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy. He has been a fan of the book series Fillory and Fuller and will eventually find out that the stories he loved are more than just childhood tales. Stella Maeve plays Julia Wicker, Quentin’s bestfriend who shared with love with the books but failed to be admitted to Brakebills. Olivia Taylor Dudley takes the role of Quentin’s classmate and love interest, Alice Quinn.

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Weekly Digest

Familiar Faces

(19-25 March 2017)

Margot Tenenbaum
Margot Tenenbaum

In a relatively slower week, I once again struggled with the battle between the need to continue practicing my craft and this massive hole in my mind that has been sucking away thoughts and ideas and the drive to enable me to draw or write something.

I stopped bringing to work my watercolor journal. Eventually, I decided to leave at home my pencil case filled with drawing pens and waterbrushes because they are just added weight in my bag. I don’t even use them –  not as much as I would the weeks before. Continue reading “Familiar Faces”


iflix Binge: OTJ and Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa

They say “the best things in life are free.” After grabbing the chance for a one year iflix subscription through a telecommunications company, I wasted no time in selecting shows or TV series to watch.

What got me excited the most is the selection of Filipino films available. Despite interest on films, I wasn’t an avid movie goer. Now, I an glad for sites like this that could allow me to catch up with what I missed – especially the critically acclaimed films. Continue reading “iflix Binge: OTJ and Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa”


La La Land – For the Fools who Dream

After the awards sweep in the 74th Golden Globes – the highest at present – I became more excited to see the romantic musical comedy-drama La La Land. I have always have a soft spot for musicals. So this, for me, is a must see.

The film focuses on the lives of Mia (Emma Stone), an aspiring actress and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) a jazz musician and their attempts to reach their dreams.

The movie was released on Philippine cinemas on January 11, a month late from the US release. Prior that, it premiered in the Venice Film Festival last August 21, 2016. It was also screened in a number film festivals including the Toronto International Film Festival and  BFI London Film Festival. Continue reading “La La Land – For the Fools who Dream”

Events and Experiences

Pasinaya 2017: Palihan at Palabas


This is the most awaited event of the first quarter of the year for me and my sister. After seven years of attendance for me, and four for my sister, Pasinaya has become somewhat a tradition that feed the art-loving part of us.

Pasinaya is an open house festival where every possible area of the Cultural Center of the Philippines is used for film showing, live performances, exhibits, and workshops. With their partnership with the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, the festival is extended to nearby museums and art galleries. For a minimum donation amount of PHP50, you are free to watch what ever you want.


Despite the huge crowd-an introvert’s nightmare-we still head to the Cultural Center of the Philippines the annual feast for the senses.

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