Personal Reflections


SCAN_0019Wow. A whole month without an update. I was hoping that I would be updating more frequently. But alas, things like this happen.

The transition period from a year of employment seemed to hit me a bit late. I left my old job mid June. However, due to a few activities, – oh, wait, I guess visits would be a more appropriate term- I didn’t really feel the adjustment immediately.

The lack of updates does not mean that I have been completely slacking the past month as I have been working on a few personal pieces. I did finish a food illustration set and worked on a few pieces that would help me recall and practice what I’ve learned from the previous workshop.

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Events and Experiences

A Rainy Afternoon for Watercolor Florals

For quite some time, I have been following Ms. Carla Chua in instragram and I have been amazed on her growth as an artist. I especially admire how effortless her flower paintings look. From time to time I see her photos of workshops that she conducts.


I am interested in attending more workshops to enhance my skill. However, I usually have second thoughts on several factors and among them is the venue and of course, cost.

The first time I attended a watercolor workshop focused on flowers was with Joannie Candi and Mimi Camille way back in December 2015 in Lizzy Latte, Makati. While I did learn a lot from the workshop – techniques that I don’t think I will know on my own, I know that I haven’t fully grasped effectively painting watercolor flowers.

When Carla Chua announced that she will move the venue of her July 29 workshop to Plaza Cafe in Makati, I grabbed the opportunity to take enroll the class.

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Weekly Digest

A Passion for Food and Art

16-22 July 2017

coffee and doughnuts
Coffee and doughnuts: Sugary breakfast on the go

One look at my instagram feed and it’s obvious that I like art and food.

Most of the time, I sketch portraits – celebrity or imaginary. But in between the faces, I include photos of food that I prepare. Usually, the recipes are experimental.

Last week, I didn’t feel like drawing the usual portraits. I looked at my phone album to somehow find inspiration.

After a few scrolls, I considered drawing some of the food I have eaten.

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iflix Binge: Younger (+ a new series to watch)

When I first got an iflix account, I took sometime browsing for something interesting to watch, until I came across a familiar name.

Sutton Foster plays the role of Liza Miller, a mother of a college student who is trying to pass as someone who is just fresh out of the University.

I have heard about actress Sutton Foster because of my exposure to musical theater. She originated the role of Jo March in the musical adaptation of Little Women and has has won two Tony Awards for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical.

A quick look at the synopsis piqued my curiosity even further. The show centers on Liza Miller, a 40-year old mother of one, who decided to get back into working after her soon to be ex-husband’s (the divorce papers are still in the works) gambling addiction has left them with close to nothing.

With the help of her bestfriend Maggie, they decided to make her pass as a woman in her mid-twenties in order that she can land a job, after a lot of failed attempts.

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Weekly Digest

Getting Back in the Groove

( 25 Jun-1 July 2017)

The young witch Kiki from The Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli film Kiki’s Delivery Service

After a little over a year, I decided to resign from the 8-6 office job and move back to a freelance, home-based position. It’s crazy. With the current unemployment rate in the country, I was lucky to have a permanent job in a big company. But I ask myself, was it really worth it?

I would probably expound on that dilemma in a different post. For now, I rather focus on my return to creating more artwork.

So, what have I been doing lately?

As always, in between freelance projects, I juggle between watercolors and digital painting.

I am trying to create faster digital artworks. For now, I try as much as possible to paint in less than an hour. Somehow, I think that I am getting back to the groove.

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Events and Experiences

Art Basics with Mr. Fernando Sena


A  few weeks ago, I came across this poster while I was browsing in Facebook.

“A free art workshop!” I gasped.  It has a limited number of slots. And since that it is by a known art organization, these may be filled up quickly. So, I immediately entered my information and hit submit.

I have been looking for workshops to further enhance my skills and to learn even the basics – things that you can get from formal training.

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Events and Experiences

World Street Food Congress 2017: A Foodie’s Wonderland

(super late post)

With more than 40 dishes from various parts of the globe, the World Street Food Congress is a must-go event for foodies. This year’s WSFC moved to the bigger venue, from the Bonifacio Global City  to the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds and with that they have invited more stalls and a wider place to hang out in.

It is a given that my sister and I loves food. So, off we go that Thursday, June 1.

The warm sunny afternoon did not stop my sister and I from enjoying an international street food feast. On our table, we had Taiwanese oyster omelette, Malaysian Putu Mayam, Singaporean Lamb Mee Goreng and Indonesian Murtabak.

(clockwise from top) Mee Goreng from Alhambra Padang Satay,  Martabak in various flavors from Martabak Manis “San Francisco” by Mr. Buyung, Taiwanese Oyster Omelette from Chiayi Chenjia and Putu Mayam from Ever Green Putu Mayam

Aside from the four dishes we ate, we took home a couple more from the jamboree. 😀

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The Waters of Surigao

It’s already mid-summer and the heat is already at its peak here in the Philippines. The country, with its more than 7,000 islands, boasts of wonderful beaches. However, this archipelago offers more than spectacular seasides. On our trip to Surigao del Sur, we visited two beautiful spots that can be great to cool off and relax.


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iflix Binge: Step into a Darker Fairytale with The Magicians

After watching the first episode, I whispered to myself, is this a Narnia-meets-Harry Potter story with an older cast? I haven’t read Lev Grossman’s books from which the show is based on, so I will be commenting on the show as it is. And with similarities from stories that I have read, I didn’t put much hopes on it.

The cast is lead by Jason Ralph who stars as Quentin Coldwater, a college student who was enrolled in Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy. He has been a fan of the book series Fillory and Fuller and will eventually find out that the stories he loved are more than just childhood tales. Stella Maeve plays Julia Wicker, Quentin’s bestfriend who shared with love with the books but failed to be admitted to Brakebills. Olivia Taylor Dudley takes the role of Quentin’s classmate and love interest, Alice Quinn.

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