The Visual and Auditory Treat that is The Greatest Showman

Hugh Jackman stars as PT Barnum

Upon reading about a musical film with Hugh Jackman as the lead, I eagerly waited for it to be screened in the country. However, when I read that critics weren’t really enthralled by the Michael Gracey’s directorial debut, I had second thoughts. A quick check on Rotten Tomatoes showed that despite its 55% rating it garnered positive response from the movie-goers.

But when I heard tracks from the film’s soundtrack, I was swayed to give it a chance. (After all, I did enjoy a few films that weren’t really rated well by the critics)


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Bun Appetit: A Perfect Marriage of Seafood and Bread

Bun Appetit Lobster Roll

Imagine this: a soft roll, buttered and toasted, then stuffed with juicy well seasoned lobster meat. It was so warm, succulent and comforting that I didn’t mind the hefty 595-peso-price.

I had work-related activities one Friday. And knowing that The Pantree food hall, where sandwich shop is located is just a few steps away from the office, I headed there as soon as I was done. I have read a lot about Bun Appetit when they were only available during the Salcedo weekend market. When I learned that they have a booth that serves their sandwiches on weekends, I listed it to my must visit/try list.

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Kitchen Experiments: Banh Bo Nuong (Vietnamese Honeycomb Cake)

When we were younger, our father would sometimes bring us to restaurants that allowed us to enjoy dishes apart from the usual fast food or local fare. This opened me, as well as my siblings, to be more curious to various cultures, especially when it comes to food. Once we see a new food establishment which offers something we haven’t had before, my sister and I would make a mental note to go there.

Besides sampling dishes from restaurants, I also try to cook them.  Through social media and other food blogs, I discover different recipes that could help me put variety in the meals I cook for the family.

BanhBoNuong (1)

Recently, I was thinking of finding a way to get rid of the flours in the pantry. I finished off the bag of rice flour with my attempt to bake a Filipino rice cake called bibingka. (I still need to tweak the recipe for that.) Now, all that’s left is two cups of tapioca flour.

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