You Can Never Go Wrong With A Good Dose of Matcha!

wp-1480893482477.jpgI can still recall how disappointed my office mate was of the highly talked about and anticipated cheese tart from Japan. In the opening day, she braved the queue only to be among the first few to get their hands on a box or two.

However, for her, the hype did not live up to expectations. Well, she isn’t the only one disappointed as I have read a few negative reviews on the product.

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There’s a New Pizzeria in Town!

And they boast a carnival in every bite. 

Pezzo is grab and go pizza place from Singapore which offers more than the usual flavors.


They sell pizza by the slice (PHP 89 for Carnival, PHP 110 for Gala) but you can get deals for three or six slices at PHP 279 and PHP 529 respectively. You are also free to choose a variety of flavors from the classic favorites- Hola Hawaiian and Cheesy Cheese to their not so usual flavors like Hot Chick and Mexican Mania.

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