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World Street Food Congress 2017: A Foodie’s Wonderland

(super late post)

With more than 40 dishes from various parts of the globe, the World Street Food Congress is a must-go event for foodies. This year’s WSFC moved to the bigger venue, from the Bonifacio Global City  to the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds and with that they have invited more stalls and a wider place to hang out in.

It is a given that my sister and I loves food. So, off we go that Thursday, June 1.

The warm sunny afternoon did not stop my sister and I from enjoying an international street food feast. On our table, we had Taiwanese oyster omelette, Malaysian Putu Mayam, Singaporean Lamb Mee Goreng and Indonesian Murtabak.

(clockwise from top) Mee Goreng from Alhambra Padang Satay,  Martabak in various flavors from Martabak Manis “San Francisco” by Mr. Buyung, Taiwanese Oyster Omelette from Chiayi Chenjia and Putu Mayam from Ever Green Putu Mayam

Aside from the four dishes we ate, we took home a couple more from the jamboree. 😀

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Like a Local : Recalling the Culinary Delights from Malacca

20-27 November 2016
(Some artworks are painted the week before.)

Before I visited Malacca, I researched places I should visit, things I could do and most importantly, food that I could eat. Malaysia has Malay, Indian, and Chinese influences that has been well translated in their multitude of food offerings.

Some of the tourist favorites are easy to find on our own. One of them is the shop which sells freshly made onde-onde. I have read about it after seeing the beautiful kuih in the Facebook food group I was added in by a friend.

Eating that sweet was such a delight. After one bite of the chewy ball coated with coconut, the gula melaka inside exploded in my mouth. In that moment, I was hooked. Now, I regret not buying some gula melaka so I can try making it at home.

While I continue to yearn for onde-onde, my sister pines for cendol. She strolled the streets of Malacca alone and found herself buying a Baba Cendol from Jonker 88. When we returned here in Manila, she would crave for bingsu hoping that she could replicate what she experienced in her first spoonful.

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Pasta Weekend

hmmmm.. pasta..

I had this sudden craving for pasta this weekend. Last friday, I bought some pasta, tuna and tomato sauce. when home, i cook
ed a simple dish of tuna and tomato pasta. The next day, i saw chicken being thawed in the fridge so I cooked the chicken breast in butter with rosemary, basil, oregano and garlic yum…(left) I went the SM Mall of Asia Complex for the book fair and had Meat Lasagna in Sbarro for lunch. And now, I turned my brother’s oven grilled bangus into a spaghetti recipe with bell pepper, tomato sauce, chilies and onion. hmmmm,….. PASTA..