Coffee and Tacos

Love, Rosie at Cafe Vengo
Love, Rosie

Being home-based, I usually know about good restaurants or food establishments through blogs and online lifestyle sites. I usually dread when the shops are based in farther locations.

On one of my work-related trips to Makati, I noticed a familiar name, Vengo!

I visited their store one Friday, a few hours before the lunch hour hoping to get a Horchata latte. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available yet. I decided to go for Love, Rosie, a latte with rose syrup and tapioca pearls, instead.

As I waited for my drink, I surveyed the tiny shop. It was charming with the contrast of white with the wooden fixtures. It is quite cozy.

After some time, my order arrived. I usually take my coffee black and hot. However, if I go to coffee shops I would like to try something that I don’t think I can make at home. I was glad that this one isn’t overly saccharine. I enjoyed the floral taste that cuts through the milky coffee. I was not fond of having the tapioca pearls in the coffee drink, but overall, it wasn’t really that bad.

Al Pastor Rice Bowl and Pork Cheek Confit Tacos  from Vengo
Al Pastor Rice Bowl and Pork Cheek Confit Tacos

I waited for the lunch hour to avail of the lunch bowls in the restaurant adjacent the cafe. When I went inside the restaurant, I noticed the stark difference from the bright cozy ambiance of Cafe Vengo. The restaurant side exuded a chill bar vibe.

I got the Al Pastor rice bowl and two of the Pork Cheek Confit tacos (through the Booky app.) The first thing I noticed upon biting my first taco is the texture. The slightly gelatinous meat with the cream and the tortilla created a rather odd sensation in my mouth. It is packed with quite a lot of flavor especially when lime is added. I only wish is that I asked for hot sauce so I can fully experience the balance of textures and flavors. I enjoyed the al pastor rice bowl more. Though I would have preferred it with a little more heat, the rice bowl in itself was already well balanced. Not to mention, it was very very filling.

I sketched my drink in the cafe as I was waiting for the lunch hour. My lunch, however, was sketched at home where there is ample space and light.

¡Vengo! is at the Jose Cojuangco & Sons Building, Carlos Palanca Street, Legazpi Village, Makati.


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