for Gallery Glow

In celebration of the first anniversary of Dreamglow Magazine, I was invited to submit works for Gallery Glow – online gallery that showcases visual and written pieces by ARMY artists and writers. Here are a some of the artworks I have submitted for the exhibit.

Waiting For Spring
acrylic on bristol board

Inspired by the song “Spring Day”, this acrylic piece was painted to emulate the feeling of yearning. While the song may refer to a person, the painting refers to a time when all is better.

Hope Through the Monochrome
8″x10″, acrylic on canvas panel

Prior this painting, I haven’t listened to the Japanese albums that much. I regret doing so. I wouldn’t find this gem of a song – Your Eyes Tell- if I hadn’t.

One in Seven Billion
8″x10″, acrylic on canvas panel
originally published in Dream Glow Winter 2021 issue

Mikrokosmos is one of my favorite songs from their whole discography. This song has filled me with hope during this bleak time. It has helped me continue creating.

Please visit Dreamglow’s Gallery Glow for more exhibits.

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