Literary Attempts

The Games You’re Playing

Dear little girl,
go back to where you belong,
where you play house;
stop the games you’re playing.

You might have been cut deep
been crying in your sleep;
no need to drag more kids
in the play pen.

Some boys are wounded,
their hearts barely intact;
fleeing from their homes
already broken.

They may share a spot
near that little haven;
but their love you should not
be taking.

At the end of the day,
you still have a home.
Don’t be unfair.
Stop the games you’re playing

(still a rough draft
written 19 June 2015)

Literary Attempts


I haven’t written full length poems lately. Upon reading about the open mic by a spoken word poetry group, I thought about the ideas I have yet to translate on paper. The first one remained a collection of words and phrases that can hardly be called a poem.

Prior to writing this post, I thought of completing the poem. I added a few phrases. Then I stumbled across a .txt file entitled Oblivious. The file was created last February 20. In the file I saw a short poem:

You sat there listening
As I unraveled
My soul
Piece by piece
I was tearing
From your heart
Bit by bit
It has been four months. I’m not oblivious anymore.
Literary Attempts

An x for a y

(posted in my tumblr account)
I haven’t written a poem(or something like it) for quite some time.
I walked by my old university yesterday. (Well, I always go that way whenever I do my shopping.) As I head home, I recalled how a classmate told me that he ‘knows’ I got a crush on someone because I was staring at that person.
I know I have a tendency to stare a lot. They say that staring is rude but there are times that I can’t help it. Usually, my curiosity leads me to get fixated on something – wait, I’m losing my point.
Anyway, when I remembered that, I thought of writing something about it… 
I’d gladly replace my x for a y
if that would stop me from staring
at this fella’s long shiny mane,
or his kind eyes,
or his warm smile.

My x for a y
if that could free me from noticing
the increase of his hair length
or the patterns of his bag
or the frequency of wearing that specific shirt.

I would care less of his existence
if I have a y.
I wouldn’t mind him
if I have a y.

Instead, my eyes will drift off
to one with two x’s.
And it wouldn’t be bothersome
if to her my eyes get fixated
or if I moved close enough
to ask for her name
or even her number.

That’s the way it goes.
That’s the way, they say, it should go.
Literary Attempts

I wish

Too caught in the web of reality 

Too distraught by the threats of uncertainty

I lie awake on my bed
Hoping that everything
is not what it really seems to be

My dreams of fantasy would suck me in
Into the world where I am the heroine
Not just a princess waiting
For her knight in shining armor.

I am whisked away to a land of color
Of mysteries and all sorts of magic
With creature only my mind has seen
And scenes only I could relive.

And maybe I could go back
When visions like these
And thoughts and fantasies are
Just born out of a creative mind.
And the images that plays in my head
Are creations of the imagination
that have gone wild.

And none of those thoughts could trap me
Into wishing something I could never be.
And none of those images could mock me
With the things I should have been.

I lay my head in silence.
As the delusions continue to haunt me.

And I wish. I wish. I continue to wish.

Literary Attempts

Phoenix’ Lament

I burned for you
Yet you stabbed me at my core
And in one swift blow
My wings turned to embers
Back into the ashes I once was

I will once again rise
As the wind sweeps away the ashes
I will burn a flame
Far stronger than before
I will burn for you no more

…i think i still have to edit this.. what do you think?

Literary Attempts

A Piece of Poetry

In the past year, I haven’t written much literary works. Not until this week, hah! the Valentine’s week…

rain dance

vast emptiness
I thought
never would my heart be alive
in this nothingness

days, hours, minutes
I traveled through endless drought
blending in the crowd
’til I feel no more

but I feel the pulse of a drum beating
in synchrony
my limbs would move
commanding the sky, “hear me”

the first steady drizzle
meant nothing
the following rain fall
was what my heart has been waiting

I am human
you are god
that quenched the thirst
of my drying heart

I don’t really think that this is done well. But it is the first poem I have written this year. 🙂

Literary Attempts

My muse is back, I think…

Here are something i wrote this year…

I took it all
A single spear shot through my chest
A rain of arrows
From shadows without faces

I shouldn’t have let myself feel
This pain
For I chose to harm none
Now wallow in the murky sea

I could not
Let my heart give in
I can not let myself
Bear the pain within

Silence felt like suicide
So don’t blame me
If I strike my sword
To his spine
That ceased to exist


Well chosen words
Playing safe
Not looking for sympathy
Mad to hear your side
Struggling to win me over
Still I stay at center
Not wavered by your words

Deceptive movements
Still trying to conceal
The intent of those words
Your mind games
Still playing safe
The mouth doesn’t speak
Yet words were spilled
Bled by your actions

You made your world small

Then c r u m
                       s         e       g         t
                           i                     a
                    i         n t             r

The call of the flesh
The battles with reason
Yet still deceive
I will show no pity

For your words
For your actions
Remain nothing but

Since I transfered, I never had the time or inspiration to write anything… writing this two meant something…