An x for a y

(posted in my tumblr account)
I haven’t written a poem(or something like it) for quite some time.
I walked by my old university yesterday. (Well, I always go that way whenever I do my shopping.) As I head home, I recalled how a classmate told me that he ‘knows’ I got a crush on someone because I was staring at that person.
I know I have a tendency to stare a lot. They say that staring is rude but there are times that I can’t help it. Usually, my curiosity leads me to get fixated on something – wait, I’m losing my point.
Anyway, when I remembered that, I thought of writing something about it… 
I’d gladly replace my x for a y
if that would stop me from staring
at this fella’s long shiny mane,
or his kind eyes,
or his warm smile.

My x for a y
if that could free me from noticing
the increase of his hair length
or the patterns of his bag
or the frequency of wearing that specific shirt.

I would care less of his existence
if I have a y.
I wouldn’t mind him
if I have a y.

Instead, my eyes will drift off
to one with two x’s.
And it wouldn’t be bothersome
if to her my eyes get fixated
or if I moved close enough
to ask for her name
or even her number.

That’s the way it goes.
That’s the way, they say, it should go.

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