Re: Forgiveness

I reread my blog entry entitled “Forgiveness.” I said in that blog that “I find it hard to forgive people who refuse to admit their mistake.”

Well, don’t get me wrong. I am not some wise and holy person who considered herself flawless and all-knowing. I am not God. I am not saying that I do not make mistakes. I can be filled with pride but I know when I learned how wrong I am on some things, I admit them and apologized if it adversely affected a person or a group.

 There are times when I can be so cold and stone-hearted that I refuse to forgive. And part of it is due to my inability to accept my mistakes. Well, I did admit it in that entry. I said that “There are so many things I have to learn.”

 That entry show how I am in conflict with myself more often. I also tend to overthink things that end up with me contradicting myself.

 But I hope my message could be read, apart from my personal dilemma.

 “…let go of personal biases and pride. Learn empathy, consideration and compassion.” 

 The same things I need to learn.


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