I wish

Too caught in the web of reality 

Too distraught by the threats of uncertainty

I lie awake on my bed
Hoping that everything
is not what it really seems to be

My dreams of fantasy would suck me in
Into the world where I am the heroine
Not just a princess waiting
For her knight in shining armor.

I am whisked away to a land of color
Of mysteries and all sorts of magic
With creature only my mind has seen
And scenes only I could relive.

And maybe I could go back
When visions like these
And thoughts and fantasies are
Just born out of a creative mind.
And the images that plays in my head
Are creations of the imagination
that have gone wild.

And none of those thoughts could trap me
Into wishing something I could never be.
And none of those images could mock me
With the things I should have been.

I lay my head in silence.
As the delusions continue to haunt me.

And I wish. I wish. I continue to wish.


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