A Sort-of Fairytale

I couldn’t remember if there was ever a fairy tale where in the main protagonists embark on a long and perilous journey probably to save the world from utter devastation or something like that. Or am I thinking of a novel? It wouldn’t matter, I suppose, how or where I compare that hour-and-half walk to. All I can think of as I recall that experience is Tori Amos’s A Sorta Fairytale.

Since my mom moved to a mission church in Lipa, she always asked us to stay there on weekends. I honestly, am not a big fan of rural areas. I dislike the slow paced life and the critters that lurk even under broad daylight. Also, I cannot stand the distance between me and the computer. But because last weekend of August was extended by two days, I have to grant the request.

When my brother and I got there, my mom keep harping about walking from the parsonage to the lake. The walk will take a hour of treading a winding road with a steep descent.

So, the next day, around seven, we prepared for the walk.

Let me take you to our journey though pictures.

The journey starts now.

My mom and brother leads the way, descending a winding slope.

We look forward to reaching the goal destination.

It is magical how small we feel in the abundance of trees and foliage nature brims full of.

We passed through an array of mahogany trees.

We could see it. We were almost there.

We were not alone on this journey.

Only a few meters away…
The lake that morning was not in its usual calm.

After a few minutes, we said goodbye as we walked back to the church.

The only way is to go up. This is the most challenging part of the journey.
A Brgy. Patrol Jeep saved us from the painful climb.

We are close to home. We passed by a group of people cleaning the place. The community spirit is something we should maintain even in the cities.

Setting my eyes on the lake after that long journey is magical. The walk is breath of fresh air from the bustling city where I live in. I now look forward to returning to that place.


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