Finding Connections

I stumblrd upon a blogsite one evening, as I was trying, in vain, to type a new journal entry while visiting my social network sites.

The website, Metro Manila Missed Connections, appears like a part-confession, part-ad of persons in search of the ones whom they felt made an connection through a simple glance or a short conversation as they move along the hustling and bustling cities of Metro Manila.

Lifted from a section in New York’s Craigslist, the posts were submitted by both men or women who are showing desire to make that connection again or are simple trying to express how meaningful every second is.

The person maybe someone you’ve seated next to in the train, or someone who offered you a seat in the packed bus, or a person who’ve crossed paths with as you run to work or class.

Reading through the posts makes me wonder if there will ever be a time when their paths could ever cross again.


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