Less Than Enough

After the grilling over a project proposal which also happens to be our midterm examination, I ended up drained both physically, mentally and emotionally. Our defense was not really that bad, compared to our peers. However, it does not reach the level of excellence which I always aim for. We are still learning the ropes on the area of our possible career. But at the back of my head, I really hoped we had something better. After all, lame excuses have no place here.

Moreover, the feeling that I am less competent that some of my peers who happen to be more than half a decade your than me wears me down. My competitive self never left my system. Either because I am too proud or because I think I should know more than the people several years my junior. Them having more knowledge than me put me in a great disadvantage when looking for jobs.

I am older. I should be wiser. But the circumstances make me second guess myself. Am I?


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