In Dreams

cause only when i sleep, i see youin my dreams, got me spinning round and round….

just when i thought it was over, there he is again… playing with my thoughts… haunting me in my sleep – er, maybe this is just an exaggeration – he is still in the innermost recesses of my thoughts though i tried to banish him from that place. and i thought i was successful…

i am not sure why he is in my dreams that night… i stopped thinking of him since…/* i am not sure */ but when i shut my eyes to sleep, i saw hazy purple swirls.. i opened my eyes.. but since it was too dark /*the lights were switched off*/ those purple swirls were the only things i could see… so i forced myself to sleep…
and then, it started.. a dream.

i was in a building in the middle of nowhere. a building painted white with navy blue linings… i was carrying a suitcase and it seemed that i was there for a meeting or a seminar or something. and then, along the corridor… there, a man stood… in very casual clothing… HIM.

i didn’t know why but there was something in our actions that made me feel weird… like we have a connection… like we are friends or something /*sure wish*/.

the next things were quite vague /*i can part the time when we composed a song or… */ there were even times that we have misunderstandings… but the part that strined to the most is when i went to him and in his arms i cried…..

i cried… and i was not sure of the reason… in his arms…

i wish it was real.
but it is too good to be true.


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