Is it just me?

I was in the Ortigas MRT station.

On my way home, I stopped by a shop in SM Megamall which sells boxes. I bought I a box for my CD’s. Kuya would always tell me that I have to fix the mess under the computer table – my anime DVD’s.

So, I was in the Ortigas station. Waiting for the next train. The rain started to pour. I winced recalling that the route home goes through Baclaran, Bacoor and Imus. Great, I will be stuck in traffic.

After a few minutes, the train arrived. I pushed myself into the shuttle with a cd box and a 5kg knapsack. There is barely room for breathing for me. My neurons are panicking. okay, I am not claustrophobic. I also have to maintain my balance.

As we reached a station, Guadalupe if I’ve not mistaken, there are only a few people left standing. I managed to find myself a seat. Though, I was a bit guilty since, I do think I am a bit stronger than most women standing in the train. What made me convinved that I need to sit down is the load I am carrying. Nevertheless, that was not the point of this entry…

I saw not only one, but 3 men inside the shuttle for women and senior citizens; probably because they are accompanying their partners. Those men are seated comfortably. Whenever the train reaches a station, a voice is usually heared. This voice reminds the people to let the women, children and the seniors sit first.

And they didn’t mind that there are women inside the shuttle reserved for women (and children and the elderly) standing.

Is it just me being cynical?

I recall an episode on Oprah about several social experiments by a certain personality. ( I couldn’t recall, I was busy in TP) The experiments involved a woman verbally assaulted by her husband, a cashier refusing to sell products to an Arab/Iraqi couple, a drunk man/ woman with her children getting into a car, etc.

What I heard from their discussions is that most people have become apathetic or indifferent. Caring even for a stranger could be a great help in this ailing society.

But then again, as I remember the people begging for money around Metro Manila, it really is hard to trust.


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