A Little Pissed

This month has been hell for me. And I’m a bit pissed…err.. not exactly pissed.. just a bit disappointed.

October started with a one week work on a parade float for a school. Yeah, it was extra income… but after a day, i realized we are going to be…in HELL. It was a week of hard labor, unappreciative people and things that happen in the night that you should not see. At the last day of work, we(Eli and I) have given up on our vision. We were mentally, emotionally and physically tired.The float ended up with the third place. We didn’t care; we are now more concerned on the money we earned for that stint. Argh…..

We were also set to watch West Side Story this October. But due to the work with the float, I gave my ticket to my best bud.

There were Anime/Cosplay events in the first two Sundays of the October. I planned to go there but due to unforeseen circumstances… I missed them.

And the school has not yet paid for our labor. tsktsk

So…yeah.. I’m a little pissed.

I hope that November will be a lot better.


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