…I won?

omg i did win!!!

I read through a newspaper about the 1st Calabarzon Graphic Design Convention. I said to myself, this is a good way to learn more stuff about some graphics application. Besides, it is also nice to add this in my list of Seminars Attended in my resume.
With that, I emailed a fully accomplished Registration Form, paid the fees and waited for the convention date.

I visited the website regarding the said convention and found that there will be a contest on Adobe Photoshop Art. My mind says I am not good enough to join the contest. I still have problems in shading, color palettes and composition. But I decided to give it a shot. Honestly, I join contests only if I know that I have a good chance of winning. For me, I don’t see the point of joining a contest if you do not intend to win. That’s why I make it a point to give it my all.

For around 2-3 weeks, I created an artwork unlike any of my usual works. It was not a portrait nor a fantasy character. Also, the concept I have in mind involves lots of details(mind you, I am weak in detailing), and I mean LOTS.

In the last week of before the deadline of submission, I feel like giving up. I don’t think the color of the artwork works well. Some parts seemed incoherent.

With the help(moral support and advise) of my friends here in DA, I finally finished the artwork and submitted it.

The convention was held yesterday. After the seminars, the contest winners will be announced. During the seminars, Seminar vouchers for PCCI were to be given away to lucky participants. I was one of them.

.. the time ticks really slowly…

When the closing/awarding cermonies started… I was really tense. What if I didn’t win? I will be really sad…

There had been problems with the presentation on the 3rd place winner. There was a typographical error with the video presentation. (it shows 2nd place when it really was the 3rd place) After the two awards were given, I became really worried.First place na lang… Then, my artwork was flashed on the screen.. followed by my name. I…freakin’….won. I am not just happy. I am overjoyed, ecstatic. All the hardwork had paid off. This was the first Digital Art Contest that I participated in and I won. This boosted my confidence.. (I really think that my art is crap.)

Now, I really am determined to be the best digital artist that I can be. I will continue to believe that there is a future for me in this field. I should just move forward and throw away self doubt…


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