Fate or coincidence? I would prefer the former. What are the chances that I would ride on the exact jeepney with the exact same people, and the we will end up on that route?

The church I go to has prayer healing services every Wednesday night. When I quit my job, I decided to attend the service. But in the first two weeks of the year, I missed the services.
Today is Wednesday. I made up my mind. I will be attending the service.
I went out an hour early so I decided to let time pass in the nearby mall. As I walk around, I found two familiar faces on a frozen yoghurt store. One of them is a former dorm mate and school mate who is now taking up medicine in a different school. She is accompanied by her former classmate (and my former schoolmate, too). I joined them and chatted away.
Soon, we walked into a clothing store (for kids – the two ladies I’m with are petite) and they were trying on blouses and dresses. I looked at my phone’s clock (i don’t wear watches or i just don’t own one). I’ll be late for the service.
After the dress ups, we separated and head for home. I walked with my former dorm mate to the church. (the dorm is in the church) We were having second thoughts in attending the service. We indeed are very late. The Pastor probably is halfway on his message. Thinking of the loads of stuff she has to work on, she walked up to the dormitory leaving me in the lobby. I walked out and found myself riding on a jeepney heading for home.
I put my earphones on and listened to the music.
Traffic is terrible. The driver turned into a different route. It was not the first time the jeepney I ride on chose that street. Eventually, the return to the street were I live. I didn’t worry. I continued humming to the music.
As we moved slowly, I noticed that I could no longer recognized the street were on. At the same instant, the batteries of mp3 player died. I took the earphones off and heard a fellow passenger asked the driver on where we are heading. Soon, I realized, we won’t be passing by our street. I felt nervous. I have no idea where we are or how I will go home. I overheard another say that she lives in the same street where I live. I said to myself, I’ll just follow her then, my problem will be solved.
I thought too soon.
I went off the jeepney along with some of the passengers. A woman, who rode the same jeepney as I did, held my arm. She looked at me with a pained look in her face. Her other hand was on her chest.
“Can you stay with me? My chest hurts….”

The first thought in my head was, “What’s going on? Is this some sort of a scam?” Still, I decided to stay with her.
The woman tried calling with her mobile phone. In between calls, she pleaded, “Please stay with me…”
I helped her walk until we stopped by the nearby bank where she sat by the stairs and continued calling. The chest pain might have worsen since she asked me to talk to people on the other line. I told them to pick her up in that place. After several calls, I was informed that they will be picking her up. The traffic jam was causing the delay.
I was panicking in my head. I wanted to bring her to the hospital but I don’t know where we are.
She then asked me to rub my hand against hers. Her hands were cold.
Soon, a woman approached us and asked what was going on. I told her what happened. Not long after she came, a man walked toward us. He was the man she called to fetch her. As he helped her stand up, I heard her ask him to take him to the hospital. They, then, crossed the street to the taxi.
I asked the woman(the one who approached us) for directions, as to how I could reach home. We exchanged thank you’s. I proceeded to walk, her following her instructions.
If I decided to stay in church, this would not have happened. If I wasn’t there who would have helped that woman. I guess someone else would have, might have.
Well, I am glad I was there to lend her a hand. šŸ™‚
Life really is full of surprises.

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