On a Saturday in May

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

I thought I would cry, But I kept telling myself, I don’t have a reason to. I should be happy for overcoming my fear of singing solo on stage with a microphone. I should be proud that I learned lots of things like letting go and to think too much, and that I was able to sing with a microphone in front of me.

the uplifting desserts, the memorable words, the help in timing (and the OC-ness), the salmon. (this is sooo not workshop related), the jokes (impersonation?), the smacks on the arm (well, not on MY arm), the eyebrow make over, the comforting words, the download links, the wonderful pictures, being gentle and sweet, being gallant,
the trust, your diva energy, your memorable catchphrase, your inspiring passion
for bringing me there
for the lessons learned
Thank you. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for sharing a piece of you.
21 days.
18 different personalities.
10 songs.
6 weeks.
2 months.
1 very very memorable summer.
That night, when we parted ways, my world did not stop turning.
My world continued to turn…
eager to know, what will happened next…

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