Lately, I am in between working on randomly scheduled lay-out revisions, conceptualizing personal projects, and attempting to finish 31 watercolor artworks in 31 days. On top of that, catching a probable flu virus caused a huge slump to my productivity.

But after scrolling through my Instagram feed, I noticed a few artists inviting others to recreate their characters in their own style. Considering that I haven’t been too successful with my watercolor month works, I decided to mix those two together.

DrawInYourOwnStyle - DestinyBlue

One question lingered in my mind while working on these pieces – “What is my own style?”

The artists who posted this challenge did not ask for others to simply copy their works. Those who wish to participate are free to change parts of the original work.

Having a signature style is always a challenge for an artist. The internet is saturated with creators already. Each one is trying to find a place or attempting to get their chance in the spotlight. And it is not just for fame. Being known in the community opens up more opportunities for creative work.

DrawInYourOwnStyle - Serafleur.art

Until now, I still face that struggle. I am still trying to figure out what style really works for me.


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