iflix Binge: Younger (+ a new series to watch)

When I first got an iflix account, I took sometime browsing for something interesting to watch, until I came across a familiar name.

Sutton Foster plays the role of Liza Miller, a mother of a college student who is trying to pass as someone who is just fresh out of the University.

I have heard about actress Sutton Foster because of my exposure to musical theater. She originated the role of Jo March in the musical adaptation of Little Women and has has won two Tony Awards for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical.

A quick look at the synopsis piqued my curiosity even further. The show centers on Liza Miller, a 40-year old mother of one, who decided to get back into working after her soon to be ex-husband’s (the divorce papers are still in the works) gambling addiction has left them with close to nothing.

With the help of her bestfriend Maggie, they decided to make her pass as a woman in her mid-twenties in order that she can land a job, after a lot of failed attempts.

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iflix Binge: Step into a Darker Fairytale with The Magicians

After watching the first episode, I whispered to myself, is this a Narnia-meets-Harry Potter story with an older cast? I haven’t read Lev Grossman’s books from which the show is based on, so I will be commenting on the show as it is. And with similarities from stories that I have read, I didn’t put much hopes on it.

The cast is lead by Jason Ralph who stars as Quentin Coldwater, a college student who was enrolled in Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy. He has been a fan of the book series Fillory and Fuller and will eventually find out that the stories he loved are more than just childhood tales. Stella Maeve plays Julia Wicker, Quentin’s bestfriend who shared with love with the books but failed to be admitted to Brakebills. Olivia Taylor Dudley takes the role of Quentin’s classmate and love interest, Alice Quinn.

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iflix Binge: OTJ and Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa

They say “the best things in life are free.” After grabbing the chance for a one year iflix subscription through a telecommunications company, I wasted no time in selecting shows or TV series to watch.

What got me excited the most is the selection of Filipino films available. Despite interest on films, I wasn’t an avid movie goer. Now, I an glad for sites like this that could allow me to catch up with what I missed – especially the critically acclaimed films. Continue reading “iflix Binge: OTJ and Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa”


La La Land – For the Fools who Dream

After the awards sweep in the 74th Golden Globes – the highest at present – I became more excited to see the romantic musical comedy-drama La La Land. I have always have a soft spot for musicals. So this, for me, is a must see.

The film focuses on the lives of Mia (Emma Stone), an aspiring actress and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) a jazz musician and their attempts to reach their dreams.

The movie was released on Philippine cinemas on January 11, a month late from the US release. Prior that, it premiered in the Venice Film Festival last August 21, 2016. It was also screened in a number film festivals including the Toronto International Film Festival and  BFI London Film Festival. Continue reading “La La Land – For the Fools who Dream”


I Watched Films from the Metro Manila Film Festival 2016 and I Regret Nothing.

The Official Logo of the Metro Manila Film Festival by  Nawruz Paguidopon

The moment I laid my eyes on the list of entries for Metro Manila Film Festival, my heart leapt. The usual names were no where to be found. It’s not that I have been secretly wishing that they would no longer be included but my interest for this event had dwindled exponentially because of the same old films showcased during the holiday season. The last time I watched an MMFF film was Brilliante Mendoza’s Thy Womb four years ago.

The choice of entries for the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival drew both positive and negative reactions. The usual film fest names who had been excluded from this year’s roster spoke up with statements like “Christmas is not a time for indie films” and “What quality to you might not be quality to me.” Some defended the picks, which consists mostly of indie-films, telling the public to give the films a chance.

I am not sure if there are people in my social circles who lamented the film fest line up. All I see in my social media accounts are expressions of elation over the selection. “I am actually excited for MMFF2016,” one tweeted.

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Echoing the Sound of a Man’s Anxiety

With my limited knowledge of musical theater, the only thing I know of the musical tick, tick… Boom! is that it was written by Jonathan Larson, the creator of Rent.  After doing a quick research, I learned that it is a semi-autobiographical musical about his struggle as an artist. Originally a monologue, it was restructured into a three actor musical. Continue reading “Echoing the Sound of a Man’s Anxiety”


Do You Hear the People Sing?

My love for the musical theater dates back to more than a decade ago, when my sister would play the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Miss Saigon from her laptop during her semestral break visits. While I have been a part of my school’s theater group since grade school, I was not that familiar with musicals. When I stayed in a dormitory in Manila during college, my eyes and ears were fully opened to how much I would love this form of art and have learned more about it.

One of the most raved is the musical based on the historical novel by Victor Hugo, Les Miserables. Upon listening to a few songs, I immediately fell in love with On My Own. (I guess, like most people.) After becoming more exposed to the theater, I understand why this musical is among the greats. The complexity and the grandness of the musical numbers can really mesmerize. Continue reading “Do You Hear the People Sing?”


It’s a Tug o’ War~

A man falls in love with a woman. No problem in that, right? Pretty normal. But when the guy had recently broken up with his long-time partner, and got back again with him – yes, HIM, things could really get complicated. Worse, when both won’t give him up without a fight.

COCK, by Mike Bartlett, revolved around that dilemma. John (Topper Fabregas) was out of his long time relationship with his controlling partner, M (Niccolo Manahan) when he met, sleeps with and eventually falls in love with W(Jenny Jamora). All three decided to meet one dinner, however M invited an unexpected guest- his dad, F.

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Feel the Noize!

A few seconds after the band hit the last few notes of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, the audience remained seated. Some were probably thinking of shouting “Encore!” in a state of confusion. The performance did feel like a rock concert after all. Some might be feeling too astounded to even stand up and walk out of the theater.

Personally, the thought that ran through my head that moment is, “Why didn’t I see this musical in its first run?”

What got me excited to watch this musical is seeing Mig Ayesa perform as Stacee Jaxx, and of course, Jett Pangan as Lonny.

I first heard of Mig Ayesa in 2005 through the series Rock Star: INXS from which I learned of his musical theater background. When I read online that he will be performing the role of Stacee Jaxx in the local production, I did some research and found out that he already played that part in Broadway. That made me doubly excited.

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Last Night to Kill the Class

My bloody shirt and stuff from the survival kit. Yes, I chose that specific shirt to be worn for the show.
What will you do when you are a high school senior kidnapped during your field trip, put into a deserted area with 39 classmates and informed that you have only eight hours to kill each other until only one remains? Would you play the game?
Sipat Lawin Ensemble’s Battalia Royale is a loose adaptation of Koushun Takami’s novel (which was also adapted to film) Battle Royal. In this adaptation, the students from Our Lady of Guadalupe High School were kidnapped on their way to Mt. Pinatubo for a field trip. They are presented to a live audience. And in a few parts of the game, the audience had a chance to decide whether to stop the game or to save a kid’s life.