Zac and Mia: Surviving Unknown Variables in an Oncology Ward

Zac and Mia

A long trip out of the city led me to check iflix for shows or movies to download. I previously binged on shows like Dexter, The Magicians and Mr. Robot and I supposed, I could find something more light.

Among the new shows added at the time is Zac and Mia, a YA-drama based on a book of the same name, written by AJ Betts. Reading the synopsis, it didn’t seem to fit the “something light” that I was looking for. But I gave it a go.

Kian Lawley and Anne Winters starred as the titular characters. Zac and Mia let us explore the relationship between two very different teens who are both battling cancer. Zac was focused on his future, his goals. On the other hand, Mia is in the now, enjoying her popularity and youth. They ended up in the same area of the hospital separated by a wall.

Both Lawley and Winters did very well on their roles. They managed to capture the spectrum of emotions from the elation on the first time they meet each other from the anguish in battling for their lives. The dynamics of their relationship looked very natural.

Aside from the two, the supporting cast was also composed of memorable characters like the very supportive nurse, Vinny, and Zac’s friend and also a cancer patient, Cam. Zac siblings – the goofy but caring brother, Evan, and the quirky and warmhearted twin, Bec. also helped in developing the story.

Despite the theme of the series, the show managed to have lighthearted moments. However, they did not neglect the weight of their situation. They still depicted the struggles not only of the people diagnosed with cancer but also how their families and friends are affected.

I must admit, I was surprised on how much I liked this show. I downloaded it without a clue on what it is about except on what I’ve read in the synopsis. I’m glad I did.


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