i tried to create my own blog site then, but it seemed that it is not working well. i dont write anything- or i mean type anything for months and then i’ll realize that-the hell!- i forgot my blog spot- damn!. And after a pathetic waste of hours then(i had typed three or four long blogs in the first one- not really sure), i giving it another shot, taking chances, hoping that i could improve my.. – uhm.. skills?
ok, that’s it for now – I think I had run out of things to say-or type-silly me! stupid stupid me! -that happens all the time. in my head, ideas just overflow, but when i face the monitor-if i’m lucky- i would type five to ten pages of “stuff” and nevers stops until i realized that it is already way past my bedtime(@#$%) – that would be 4 to 6 am. but more often that not.. i am staring at infinity… -you get the picture.


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