Three Weeks In Pain

ever since my BIG boo-boo on my first semester of my first year in college -that was College Algebra and Trigonometry – i didn’t seem to have a normal enrolment. it was like a curse. in every semester that followed, there was either a course/subject to re-enroll or a course or subject that i have to enroll through late registration(~this is a big bummer, imagine people in lines…VERY LONG LINES!). i tell you, it was like- uh, i don’t even know where to compare it with!!

this semester i decided not to go after a P.E. class which i needed to enroll via Late Reg. for once, i wanted to experience-again- normal enrollment. just when i thought i was going to feel it, it came to me that the heaven’s were not allowing me to do so.

The thing is~ my professor has given me a rating of INC in a major subject, therefore the enrollment of the subjects in which the INC subject was a prerequisite was pending. the bigger problem is, the professor is no where to be found and IS very hard to contact. there were times when he said that he will be at the campus at a certain date and when that date comes, a Student Assistant would tell us that he will not be coming(~talk about major bummer!).

and after two weeks, from MY REAL enrollment date, he went to the campus and instantly whips out examinations ~COMPLETION?REMOVAL examinations for us(~even if we haven’t reviewed).

After three hours of the nerve wracking, rain squeezing, tear-jerking(almost!) exam. i gave up(well, we, there were four of us). we finished halfway the exam and is pretty unsure of our answers.

to end the story, after two days of running back and forth the department for the results… we all passed the exams!!! ~note we didn’t finish the exam and the answers were a UNSURE!!!

anyway, interlaced with the days of waiting for the professor was the change of matriculation problem with teh subject Physics… ah.. i don’t want to discuss that anymore. I am just happy that i am now an OFFICIAL student of the university even if it took me three weeks to enroll… and i didn’t have something for Late registration….

Thank God for givingme the patience to SURVIVE all of these!


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