Buses and Trains

i went under the bus… got hit by a train….BLAH!

This is what I call an adventure… a VERY EXHAUSTING ADVENTURE!!! The race (hah!that’s what i call it) started when mom called us to meet her. We(my brother and i) was still quarreling(on some private matter).

We misunderstood the message, we taught we need to hurry to meet her and that was a blast!! soon we are running towards the Railway station and before we knew it, there are only a few stops before we reached the station where we should meet.

Then, my sister who had just finished her shift(well, internship!) at the hospital called to sya that she will be coming over to go with us.

When she came, after all of us had dinner, when went off to get my mothers passport.. after all those blah blahs(and having an argument again with my bro). The passport problem was a bust!!(@#$) and soon we decided to go home. the thing is, there was a problem in the railway station so we were stuck with loads of human beings exiting the station. everyone is pushing each other trying to get on their way….

that was @#$% suffocating!!! – after minutes of waiting for the railways to work again, we continued the journey home. we stepped off the sation but we still need to ride a vehicle that will take us to our exact destination. I hate riding on buses and taxis.. so we have to wait for a jeepney! my bro was `again anoyed…

To sum this all up, we rode a jeepney that took us home. What a very nice way to celebrate my mom’s birthday!!!!


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