A Hundred Bucks and A Barbeque

… That’s what i received in my burthday. and it was great!!

Well, you really wouldn’t know what is gonna happen til it happens… My last post is so much about my difficulties here on earth.. but then as the day ended.. i felt much better…[what d’you know!}

Anyway i treated mom, my brother and sister to an italian eatery…restaurant… ten, after walking around the mall and a little chatting, i treated them, italian ice cream… whoa! this is an italian burthdey! haha!! anad when i told my brother i want to buy a cake or something.. he dished out a hundred bucks and handed it to me.. =)! well, the afternoon ended when my mom and brother left us in the dorm.. they have so much to do at home.

anyway, i was joking with an older sister in the dorm.. joking about how she forgot my birthday and all. they she said, “okay i’ gonna buy you some barbeque..” then she left.. i know she is going out to buy some stuff but i am not really thinking abouit her buying me barbeque.. i thought it was a joke. after some time she returns and handed me two barbeques and told me to share it with my sister. since it was two, one is for my sister and one is for me!

a hundred bucks and a barbeque.. not bad. i wish burthdays are always like this…


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