A Hundred Ways to Kill Using a…


Why spoon’? because… it is not pointed.. it is small.. and when you look at it… you can’t easily think of ways to use it for.. haha, murder!

Locate the eyeball[target]. Push the spoon to the eyesocket. [note: DO NOT DAMAGE THE EYEBALL] Pop the eyeball out. Insert, again, the spoon to the socket [without the eyeball] until you reach the brain part. Mix the brain vigorously…. ^^
SPOON and BUILING plus g[9.8m/s^2]
Climb a forty storey building. Hold a spoon vertically[the handle down.] and drop it to the street. Given the mass of the spoon plus the accelaration due to gravity… the force generated would be enough to puncture the skull…^^
The body temperature is 37 degrees C. A fresh cup of coffe ould be a little lower than 100 degrees. So if there are thousands of spoons…. with thousands o cups of coffees…. and you use the spoon s a trembuchet for the coffee to hit a person… it will burn him… and die! ^^
SPOON and the MRT:
there is an innocent soon lying on the area wher you wait for the MRT. there is this innocent passenger walking… he steps on the spoo, the spoon flies, reverberates and knocks the passenger to rails unconscious.. then, the MRT arrives….^^
your skin could stick to a spoon when it has been in the freezer or a long period of time. so, store thousands of spoons in the freezer. when someone opens the freezer.. there will be an avalanche of spoons sticking to his body… help in the pulling the spoons from his body, instantly skinning him alive….^^

~too bad, i can’t recall the other ways…. only a few more til we hit a hundred and one!

watch out for a book! ~ha!

i thank Tarits for sharing her vast knowledge in the art of using a spoon….


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