Summer’s fading

It’s raining again. The classes got suspended because of the terrible (for them) weather. But i love the rain. I love walking with the rain on my head and going to the dorm soak with people looking puzzled. Why are you wet? duh!? i don’t have the umbrella. and a bigger DUH.. It is raining outside. hehe.

I now had troubles with my dear compuer. I can’t open a residential lot or any lot in the SIMS 2 University in my Account. too much downloads. My computer can’t handle it. tsktsk. after 10 children, 3 grandchildren, 10 starting chracters i can’t play now. waaah.. my downloads are so cool by the way: NotreDame, Paris Opera, Sims Mall. Sailormoon characters, Saiyuki Characters… now, they are all… gone.

One fun thing is.. now I am continnuing my story. My novel about prophecy and all that usual stuff. i have started it a few years ago and now.. yey.. i am continuing to write and hopefully finish them. The whole story is supposed o be a trilogy. hey, i don’t know about LOTR when i started this. and i know nothing about Harry Potter. so obviously i am not plagiarizing. yeah!

And here are still lots of oher novels to finish.. my ideas keep on flowing ad my hands and also my mouth can’t keep up…

i wish my mind in creating stories is sharper in academics. waaa


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