A Tour You Wouldn’t Want to Miss!

Nobody has entered or has seen what’s inside Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory. The chocolates just come out wrapped and address for people around the world. But that changed one day when Willy Wobnka decided to give out five golden tickets to enter his Factory hidden in a Wonka Bar.

Five lucky children(errr not really) found the Golden tickets: Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde (i love this kid!), Mike Teavee and of course, Charlie Bucket. Together with their parent, they went in to see the magic in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Johnny Depp never cease to amaze me in the way he handles every role. As Willy Wonka (the amazinf chocolatier), he filled the movie with cheery movements (love the way he speaks- haha!), though trapped in a very (comically-what?) sad past as shown in flashbacks. (father…daddy…papa…..*sniff). The Oompa Loompas potrayed by Deep Roy (yes, Oompas LoompaS – there are hundreds of them -they’r everywhere argh!), gaces us every now and then with (surprise) musical numbers making the movie more fun. heehee. The freakin kids also did not fail to annoy me. Augustus’ gluttony is unmnerving (he is so ….). Violet’s over confidence (but this girl is sooooo pretty) is getting out of hand. Veruca’s ‘spoiledness'(love her accent) is getting irriting (“i want not just a squirrel, i want a trained squirrel”). Mike’ angst is just… angst? (but there are times that this kid looks like he is just acting.) And Charlie, Charlie is such a sweet kid. =)

The whole movie itself is like candy: colorful, fun, surprising and yeah addictive.
The simple punchlines could crack you up and they came in unexpected (“you’ll never see me again” – is it like that, i don’t know- haha) parts. I just sat there and watched and i didn’t realized who time passed by and the movie is going to end. It may not be my type of movie-think of the movies like, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Vanilla Sky- but it is worth the time (and money sigh). Definitely a must see…. so don’t forget your golden tickets, grab a seat and enjoy the tour!


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