Crazy Enough

yah, i am.. i have an exam and i am still here. no worries (yeah right).

i sill can’t find enough words or thoughts to be blogging right now. I am still in the state of shock. call me crazy, i don’t care! call me anoying, i dont give a *bleep. (ooopsss bad mouth.. baad fingers..)

Okay, so that this entry will have sense, let me tell you wha i did yesterday. what joy!(<– see the sarcasm here?)

My sister came to visit me after going to PRC for her license (as a Physical Therapist) and we wen to the mall because i have to buy some groceries and she has to buy herself contact lenses. we passed by the new powerbooks stall, where i bough(again) a book by Eoin Colfer: The Wish List. I think that it is about time that i explore his other books apart from the Artemis Fowl series. So.. that would be my second book for this month. The first one was The Curious Incident Of A Dog In The Night Time by Mark Haddon (am gonna write about it). And i noticed that the book’s cover is orange and so does The Wish List. hehe what’s with ORANGE! =)
We went our separate ways:me- grocery, sis- contact lens. After i did my chores, i went directly to AstroVision to ask if the VCD for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera is available. and it was not yet released…how sad. =(

Anyway, when I left the shop i had with me-err- us, i met sister there, four VCD’s Resident Evil-i had seen the second film,Super Size Me- for my sister, Chicago-somebody didn’t return my first copy and Freaky Friday-i love the songs, hehe. And there was this nosey sales lady when i looked at the VCD of the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which ws the Original Version of the movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Though, the real title in the book is really Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She is saying some things that make me feel like i didn’t know that the movie showing now is a remake.

So, we came back to the dorm. Sister left for Cavite. I continued my deviation – Red Death, which i moved to scraps-i submited it in DevArt but i am not so saisfied with it.

Then we watched Resident Evil. Gory- i like i. But I think, I like the second movie more. (so in love with Jill).

then, i sleep….zzzzzz



…a new day.


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